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Bernabei обнаружила "ветер темной материи"

The DAMA project of Rita Bernabei has, over 14 years of work, detected a clear dark matter signature in the findings of weakly interacting massive particles (“wimps”) associated with cosmic parameters. The findings of the DAMA team have been controversial, however, because the data indicates a clear sidereal-seasonal pattern in the residual detections, suggesting a dark-matter wind, or wimp-wind (Bernabei 2007, 2010; Bernabei et al. 2000; Web ref.12). This is shown in Figure 30.

Figure 30: Seasonal Variations in Dark Matter Wind “Wimp” Residuals over approximately 14 years, from the Bernabei DAMA Group working under the Gran Sasso mountain in Northern Italy. The measured wimp-maxima for each yearly cycle occurs in June, at the time of greatest Earth velocity, with mid-December marking the minima (from Bernabei 2010, Web ref.12).

Bernabei R (2007). DAMA sheds light on dark-matter particles. Nature 449, 24, 6 September.

Bernabei R (2010). Particle Dark Matter in the Galactic Halo: Recent Results from DAMA//LIBRA. CRIS 2010 lecture, September, Catania Italy; see Web ref.12.

Bernabei R et al. (2000). Dark matter search with the DAMA experiments. Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics, Nuclear Physics B 87(1-3): 67-6, June 2000; see Web ref.12.
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